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Cutting and processing poultry from A to Z

The processing of chicken, turkey and duck relies on specialized equipment. At Lacal, we have been working for over 20 years with poultry processing plants that endorse our commitment for maintaining optimal facility hygiene and safety.



Lacal develops sophisticated chicken cutting and processing equipment to meet your needs. We always comply with hygiene and food safety requirements. As a result, our poultry processing equipment allows you to be more productive while meeting quality standards.



Appreciated for its delicate flavor and tender meat, turkey requires a very specific transformation process. Lacal has the expertise you are looking for in the manufacturing of industrial equipment specialized in turkey processing and cutting. We can certify a sound management of the meat from its arrival at the slaughterhouse to its delivery in grocery stores.



Highly prized for the quality of its meat and its foie gras, duck requires special cutting and processing. Thanks to its in-depth know-how in this field, Lacal manufactures equipment suitable for the complete duck processing. Our goal always remains the same, which is to generate efficiency and safety at every step of the poultry processing process.

Our specialized poultry processing equipment

Processing equipment

Designed according to the particularities of your industry and your requirements, our cutting and packaging equipment speeds up the work of your employees without compromising its quality. We provide parts that truly correspond to your needs with a deep concern for ergonomics and integration into your process lines.

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