Custom made food processing equipment

Equipment adapted to your food processing lines

With many clients working in the Canadian agri-food industry, Lacal puts its experience at your service. Each step of the fruit and vegetable processing process is analyzed by our engineers to increase efficiency.

Floor engineering, work ergonomics, compliance with food safety standards: no detail is left to chance with Lacal. Rely on our solid expertise in the manufacturing of high-performance food processing equipment that meets the highest market standards.



Our engineering team develops entirely in-house equipment for your food processing line according to your specific requirements.



The parts for your agri-food equipment are meticulously produced and assembled in our Princeville, Quebec plant.



Our specialized food processing equipment teams travel to your facility to offer you a turnkey installation.



We develop customized processes that automate your operations to increase your productivity.

Processing line of small fruits

Over the past 20 years, Lacal has created many small fruit processing machines. We master different types of small fruit processing such as frozen cranberries, whole dried fruit, and no sugar added fruit.

Throughout each project, our goal is to ensure our customers sustained production growth, without any compromise to hygiene and sanitation standards.

Bin handling
Frozen fruit processing
Fresh fruit processing
Processed products

Vegetable processing line

Vegetable processing has no more secrets for Lacal! We serve many food companies, mainly in vegetable processing such as potatoes.

Our very concrete knowledge of the industry, combined with the know-how of our experts, enable us to offer you high performance vegetable processing and post-harvest equipment.

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Seafood processing line

Processing seafood is a rigorous process. The freshness and quality of seafood remains the primary concern to avoid any contamination risk.

Lacal is your trusted partner in equipment development for the seafood industry such as shrimp and lobster. We cover all stages of the process with a great attention to detail to maximize your daily operations.

Fresh product transportation
Opening shrimp bag system
Bin washers

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Tell us what your needs are in terms of specialized equipment. Our team will be able to offer you the perfect solution for your needs. Lacal is the reference in manufacturing equipment for the food industry.

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