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Looking for a job in Princeville in the food industry? Lacal offers you the chance to build a rewarding career in a Quebec company that has been well-established since 2001.

Specialized in the manufacturing of food processing equipment, we offer excellent working conditions to all our employees.

Engineers, draftsmen, supervisors, workers, day laborers: everyone helps each other and moves in the same direction. In a nutshell, working at Lacal is pleasant and truly stimulating!

Winning working conditions

Attractive salaries
Flexible hours
Work uniform provided
Pension plan
Life insurance
Disability insurance
Training and development program

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"What I like most about my job at Lacal is project diversity. Here, we assemble, weld, and read plans. The work isn’t repetitive; each day is different! We even have the opportunity to work overtime on job sites outside the plant."

Sébastien, Welder-Assembler at Lacal for 15 years

"Time flies here! We have the opportunity to use a lot of machinery and the atmosphere is good. The bosses are on the floor talking to us. You really feel that your work is appreciated. If I had known it was like this, I would have come to work at Lacal long before!"

Stéphane, Day Labourer at Lacal for a year and a half

"I discovered Lacal during my career reorientation. It was the perfect place to do my internship and get as much experience as possible. The team is great, and each day is different! I enjoyed my experience so much that I have now been working here full-time since the end of my internship."

Patrick, Designer at Lacal since January 2020

"Working at Lacal is really motivating! The company is neither too small nor too big, the managers are always receptive and ready to help, and the working conditions are great. Seeing people who have been here for 10 or 15 years is comforting. There is no shortage of work in our sector!"

Martin, Purchasing and Inventory Manager at Lacal for 2 years

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Lacal is constantly looking for competent people who care about a job well done to join its team. Take the opportunity to find the right job for you at Lacal!

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