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Meat Industry Equipment Manufacturer

Located in Princeville, Lacal is a recognized supplier of industrial food processing equipment in North America. Over the past 20 years, we have developed a solid expertise in the manufacturing of red meat and white meat equipment. We also create customized projects for fruit, vegetable and seafood processing lines.

Our main mission is to improve the productivity of food processing companies. Whatever your specialty is in the food industry, trust Lacal for state-of-the-art industrial equipment!



At Lacal, we are constantly seeking to innovate. We rely on the know-how of our multidisciplinary team and our experience in the field to manufacture ever more efficient equipment.


Top-quality equipment

We design stainless steel parts according to the highest safety and sanitation standards on the market. Our multiple validation steps ensure that our products are perfect from every angle.


Outstanding customer service

Lacal offers an after-sales service that makes all the difference. We can replace a defective part or modify existing equipment to maximize your operations.

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Our experts are at your service for increased efficiency and quality throughout the entire process.